Handmade Manufacturing

We have a huge team of artisians creating unique and lovely home and garden décor to enhance your home.

Industrial Manufacturing

We also manufacture beautiful crafts with industrial machinery for retail and wholesale.




Wall Décor

Plant Stands

Shepherd Hooks & Trellises

Bird Houses


Hanging Planters



Garden Stakes

Chain distribution

Premium deals and offers for Chain Retailers.

Wholesale deals

Get the best price on available products.

Creations with heart

Featured Categories

Available seasons: Spring – Halloween - Christmas


High quality pottery with vitreous white color base.


Beautiful pottery, wall, and interior decor.

Metal Grills & Fire Pits

Functional creations to have a great day.

Tin Metal

Harmonized pieces from this versatile material.


Patterns, surfaces, and finishes masterly combined.


Elegant pieces designed to last.


Endless possibilities on form and colour.

Blown Glass

Air and glass mix to create top of the art decoratives.


Esthetical and functional furniture and pottery.

We Love What We Do

And we know HOW to do it

Supply Chain Experience.
Regional and Nation wide with current customers such as: Supermarkets | Home Improvement | Farm & Feed | Off Price retailers | Nurseries | Garden Centers | General Merchandise | Hardware stores

1. Manufacture

Handmade and machine/industrial manufacturing process

2. In-house logistics

We have our own logistics team in order to give door to door service, maximize shipments and operation costs that will be reflected on your costs

3. Packing

We do custom packs to save labor on your end; ready pallets is one of our successful programs

4. Distribution

US domestic transactions from our Texas Distribution Centers